Friday, 4 February 2011

Tinseltown and Camera Apps

Four Collectivites, henceforth known as Wednesday Burger Club or WBC, took on the revered 'Tinsel Town' burger joint on St John's Street, Clerkenwell this lunchtime (suspending, or at least distracting the myth, that media types booze every lunch). Its dingy, underground, plastic American Diner vibe is strangely welcoming - perhaps the reason it's a favoured post-Fabric hangout for the wired. Still, in the daytime it was delicious, with attentive staff and delicious burgers, fries and shakes. Standard fayre at a reasonable price and I dare anyone to leave still feeling peckish. Lunch deals are only £5.50 too which is nice.

As an aside, it provided a great opportunity to use 'Pudding Camera', a nifty little iPhone app developed in Korea (so you can't read any of the menus). Has awesome filters/multi-image capability - and it's free too. This shot uses a four sequential shot technique. Great for pre-editing pictures for Instagram et al., but works in its own right too. Tasty all round!

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