Tuesday, 15 September 2009

We're off to Brighton for Flash on the Beach!

Now in its fourth year, Flash on the Beach has quickly grown in to one of the most popular Web conferences in the world.

Next week hundreds of developers, designers, gamers and animators (you name it) will head to Brighton to see and hear the latest news and innovations in the Flash world.

With a packed schedule of global talent speaking throughout the three days demonstrating new applications and sharing insider experience, there's also a day of workshops to flex those Flash muscles and learn some advanced skills.

But it's not all Flash though. As well as exploring the whole platform inclusive of Flex and AIR, FOTB have had sessions on Processing, Photoshop and After Effects and hold (code-free) purely inspirational talks about film making, photography, art and design.

It's a cannot-miss date on any creative calendar, and rumour has it there are a few parties thrown in too.

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