Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Three Peaks Challenge scamp

What with the tube strike and all, getting to work has been tricky this week. But the extra exercise is coming in handy for us here at Collective. That’s because we’re in training for The Three Peaks Challenge this September. Yes, it’s really happening, and it's just as mammoth a task as it sounds.

The aim: to climb Britain’s 3 highest mountains in 24 hours, all for the Wig Out charity. But don’t worry, we’re a pretty determined bunch, so it’s heads down and keep walking people! More on this soon…


sarah said...

Sat 29th Aug - 3 of us did Snowdon as a practice. Not as easy as we thought. We did it in a speedy 3 1/2 hours though.
We're now worried how hard it will be on the 12th Sep.
PLEASE sponsor us

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Daniel Hall said...

This is going to hurt a bit i reckon